Analyzing site traffic to maximize your budget

I firmly believe that information is power.  This is especially important when it comes to incoming vs. outgoing business revenues.

Web site visitor tracking is one of the most important areas that every site owner paying for advertising should be following.  The owner needs to be able to directly compare outgoing advertising campaign costs to site visitors/new customers.

With such information, any source with low returns can be removed, and that advertising revenue used for new ventures, or to reinforce working sources.

Out of the companies who call us, around 80% are paying for ongoing advertising on TV/Radio, newspapers, phone books or web sites.  However, very few of these can tell which advertising is actually bringing people to their site simply because they cannot access that information. While developing our new WebUpdate4 Site Management system, we concentrated heavily on creating a system that could analyze and present this information clearly.

Using this visitor tracking system, our clients can easily see how many visitors they are getting, where they are geographically,  the pages they looked at, and  even the Search Engines and keywords they used to find the site.  The system can also be used to track visitors coming from 'real world' printed, TV or radio advertising sources, allowing much better control over the advertising budget.

One of our clients was previously paying approximately $10,000 a year to an online referral directory. Their visitor tracking showed that this directory was only sending them a handful of visitors a month out of thousands.  Using this information, that source was not renewed, and the budget moved to a different media.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, now is the time to research newer web technologies, such as our own WebUpdate4 Site Management system.  This  includes many advanced features designed to give your business the best competitive edge online.


Hubbard Plastic Surgery

'We are thrilled with our site. We are so pleased with
both the look and the functionality, and our rankings just keep getting
better every day.  'Internet Marketing and Design
has been such a pleasure to work with.'

 Maridith Woodward

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