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One of the biggest issues that web site owners are unaware of is that web sites are pretty much always 'works in progress.'  It can take months or even years of tweaking pages and content in order to reach the perfect balance of getting reasonable search engine placement, and retaining visitors who find you.

In some extreme cases, this can require ongoing changes to text, splitting content around to different pages, and sometimes readjusting the site's menu structure.

When performing such site 'surgery,' there are a few things to bear in mind.

1. Keep it simple - Less is truly more.  Even though what you offer may be highly technical, it is best to limit your write-ups to short, basic, laymen's terms.  This serves two functions. First, most people looking for you may not know exact technical terms, and will word search in their own terms. Secondly, less information is less confusing. Let them contact you so you can talk in person about just what they need.

2. Check your traffic logs.  Each time you make a change, give it a week and compare your logs to how they were before the change.  Of course, if you are in a seasonal field, you should also check against your logs from the same time last year to assess any visitor gains or losses.

3. Keep constant backups.  Especially when it comes to search engines, changes can have an effect in either direction. By keeping a backup before you make changes, you can very quickly 'rewind' a particular page, or even the whole site, if you find that your changes had a detrimental effect.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this would be a perfect time to research newer web technologies, such as our own WebUpdate4 system, which includes many advanced features including automated SEO, to give your business the best competitive edge online.


Plastic Surgery

'We are thrilled with our site. We are so pleased with both the look and the functionality, and our rankings just keep getting better every day.
 Internet Marketing and Design has been such a pleasure to work with.'

- Maridith Woodward

Bivins Orthodontics

'A progressive office simply cannot exist without a professionally designed and informational website.   
  Patients use our website for everything from office hours and location to how they handle minor emergencies.' 

- Dr. Todd Bivins

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