`Podcasts take blogging to a whole new level.

No longer are you limited by just words, but you can get your point across either in audio or video form, for people to watch or listen to at their convenience.

Named because of Apple's Ipod, a Podcast is the means by which you can record an audio or video 'article.' They can then easily be made available to Ipod users automatically with not much more than a press of a button.

The main technology behind Podcasts is something called RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  Originally created to allow fast delivery of updated written news and other data to web sites, it was soon adapted to the posting of audio files, and the Podcast revolution began.

Podcasts are used by companies of all sizes, from one-person businesses, to large news organizations like the Washington Post and CNN.

Presidential candidates have also produced  podcasts.

Thanks to global Podcast directory sites, any company or individual can publish their video or audio files and be as accessible as larger entities.  Podcasts can be about any subject, funny or serious, which is why they have become so popular.  Ipod users simply download them and watch them while on the go.

There are a few differences between Podcasts and Blogs.  A Podcast does not necessarily need to be kept up with as often as a blog.  Also, a Podcast doesn't help much with search engine keywords as blogs do.

However, an entertaining Podcast will generate traffic to your site, simply from people wanting to see or hear more.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this would be a perfect time to research newer web technologies, such as our own WebUpdate4 system, which includes many advanced features, to give your business the best competitive edge online.


Extreme SEAL Experience - Blog

'I recently used Internet Marketing and Design a second time to add a custom Blog to my Web site.  
 Simply writing (Blogging) about our business fills the site with "Key Words" and aids our Search Engine Optimi-zation easily.  
 My site traffic has doubled. Another GREAT JOB... 
 I'm very satisfied...'

   - Don Shipley

No matter what type of business you have - whether it's a cooking school, an office services company or  a specialty business - a blog will bring readers to your site with key words drawing the traffic.

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