Cheap sites create a cheap image

Most of us have seen ads for services claiming that one can use them to make a professional-looking website for free. Run, don't just walk away.

These types of sites have been around for many years and have  traditionally been the first step for new companies just starting out on the web without a lot of money. 

However, they are usually short lived because they just don't get results for the business, especially on the search engines.  Also, because there are banners self-promoting free websites to the site's visitors, they create a cheap image of the business.

This can be bad if the business is selling bigger ticket items, as the budget image creates a disconnect between what their products/services are worth vs. how the company chooses to promote them.

Strangely, over the last few years, I have also encountered smaller companies, some who already had nice, but older websites, gravitating towards free websites rather than upgrading their existing site. One company I spoke with said that the decision was all about cost.  Their business was slow, and they didn't want to pay to have a professional website created when there was a free option.

The most upsetting phone calls and meetings I
 have had are with desperate business owners. 
They say that having a website that works for them
is their only hope of keeping their doors open.

Ironically, that is a slippery slope sacrifice to make.  Not only does it portray giving up, but when business is a bit slow, that is the time to step up your image and extend your reach; not to retreat into the background so that your larger competitors can scoop up what little business there is.

I have seen similar downgrades happen a few times over the years. In each case it has not ended well for the company. What is worse, because it takes time for a website to build a reputation online, it is often too late by the time the company realized that it needed a new website if it was going to stay in business.

The most upsetting phone calls and meetings I have had are with desperate business owners.  They say that having a website that works for them is their only hope of keeping their doors open. Although it can take up to six months to build a site's reputation, my best suggestion for them is to invest in quicker response advertising methods, like print, while we build their correct online image. We work with our clients and amortize payments to help with financing.

If you have concerns about your website's performance, don't wait!  Now is the time to look into our WebUpdate sites.  Created by us, they take advantage of more advanced security, SEO, social, and responsive features than other websites - giving your business the best competitive edge online.

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