If created professionally and monitored regularly, a web site can be one of the main lead-generating sources for almost any business.

However, when things are going well, and calls are coming in, a company will often forget to regularly update or even check their site.
Ironically, businesses can also ignore their sites when things are not going well because they are spending more time trying to come up with new ways to get customers and forgetting what could be their most valuable asset.
Having a current and updated website is crucial- especially now with so many businesses operating from home, changing their business hours and service practices, or closing their doors entirely due to COVID-19.

In the past, I have written about how keeping your site updated can help you with search results. Even when you show up highly in search results, if visitors reach your website and don't immediately learn how your business is handling the Coronavirus situation, some might think that you don't care about their health concerns. Others might conclude that you're no longer in business. Either way, they are less likely to call you.
Even more dangerous for your business is if your site looks out-of-date, with incomplete "Coming Soon" pages, or old "news." One of the biggest turn-offs is the copyright date at the bottom of the page. The older it is, the less likely someone will call you. Given the current pandemic, people are more cautious about making contact. If they see these sorts of things, they will move on to the next site on the search list.
Even at the best of times, a company should regularly check on their site. This is especially true if something is going on that affects their customers. At the very least, they should check to see where they are coming up in web searches.
If updated in a timely manner, your website can become your greatest ally, especially when a high percentage of people are working remotely, and relying heavily on the internet for their day-to-day needs.
If you have concerns with your website's performance, now is the time to look into our WebUpdate system sites. Not Open Source, they take advantage of advanced security, SEO, social, and responsive features to give your business the best competitive edge online.

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