Most Website Designers in Hampton Roads (and around the world) simply download free WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. websites. They change a few things (e.g. COMPANY NAME HERE), then sell them to their web design clients for thousands of dollars.

Why?  To make a quick easy buck! Minimal design work involved and no website development experience needed;  No need to understand how the website works, only how to install a template and change some settings. 


When it comes to Open Source Websites, the simplest analogy is this -

A security company wants to sell you a $5,000 security system.

That company buys them from China for $20.
They know 
that there are thousands of known flaws, and that every
burglar in the world knows those flaws and has the wiring diagrams.

Would you trust this to protect your valuables?



While the website designers don’t care how the site works, hackers do; Hackers will analyze each line of of the website’s code, looking for bugs and any security vulnerabilities and more security vulnerabilities that can be used to take your website over. 

There are literally hundreds of thousands of open source websites hacked each year

In July 2022, 1.6 Million Wordpress sites scanned for an exploit  ..  Was your site one of them?

In May 2022 Thousands of Wordpress sites hacked and redirect users to scam sites

In March 2023 - a report by GoDaddy’s security team Sucuri - 90% of hacked websites are WordPress

Just Google ’Wordpress website hacked’ to see how big the issue is.  As of September 2023, over 13 MILLION results..

WebUpdate websites are different.. 

Our WebUpdate websites detect hackers trying WordPress vulnerabilities (and more), and immediately block the hacker’s access to the whole server, protecting all other client sites on that server.

Below are the latest 250 attempts to access our clients websites through WordPress or other open source vulnerabilities.  The highest was 7000 attempts in a single day, all from different IP addresses all around the world.

If they were WordPress websites, we and our clients would never know this was happening.

These are local, smaller businesses, just like you.  Is this happening to your website?

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